NBA TopShots is an amazing & booming new NFT collectibles marketplace


NBA TopShot is on fire since it launched October 2020 since then sales have risen from $2million in a way to $20million a week and then to $40million in one day. All of this being excuted on a blockchain via their partners DapperLabs.

One of main important reason why I got so interested in the NBA Top Shot phenomenium was actually the transparency and live stats that are available.

Last time I saw dashboards like this I was work for a bank and they still weren’t this advanced & real-time.

This data plus individual user collections & sales history are open to all users to see.

I believe this will be fundamental reason why they will build a strong trust with digital collectors because of the real-time transparency the blockchains provides.  This is beginning of large move from traditional auctions, collectors of all kinds and music and physical artists to be able to maximize their reach of their chosen art forum.

Lebron James - NBA Top Shot

Each card has its on statistics as well as buyer history via their blockchain.  I was fortune enough to find Evaluate Markets website as they generate these dashboards for users – amazing work

This next bit of data really helped me see  clearly it was time to start collecting.

I can see all the purchases Just I can for any stock

Now it's getting serious

Since all buyers & sellers can see the same data in real-time. Now of course NBA Top Shot’s has had some downtime but they have been doing a great job of pausing their marketplace or new sign-up to help meter the flow of traffic and sales as they double daily.

An example of a simple collecting strategy in finding the lowest priced item includes and the lowest serial # issued.  So if you had an option between a $2000 Lebron #223/15,000 vs $1750 for 11,322/15,000. [This not investment advice, due your our due diligence – had to get that in there :)]

Also because of both the transparency & real-time natural of this marketplace – we can all see the fluctuations of these collectables as more digital collectors join the marketplace.  As well as the more mature investors can be seen in the ranks of NBA Top Shot millionaires by collections.

You heard me right – there are many NBA Top Shot millionaires already. Yesterday I watched one dude I follow in the space live stream as he went over the $1mil threshold with his NBA TopShot collection.

Track the daily big movers & you quickly start to see how this a form of collecting/investing in the players, brands & teams you love – with transparency to ensure your purchase is limited & 100% yours.

Are REady to collect on NBA Top Shot?

You will need an account with DapperLabs & their extension for Chrome.  DapperLabs the builders behind this project & the blockchain original Cryptokitties.

You can fund your account with your credit card, it fairly simple – I’ll make a quick how-to video about this shortly.

For all my crypto & banking friends – their is a KYC element once you buy a certain amount you will need to provide details inorder to gain access to the any sales income (fyi).

I will update you more on this daily via Twitter or Instagram.

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