NBA Top Shot tools of the trade – How to find the best time & moments to buy/sell?


I know everyone is excited about NBA Top Shot collectible NFT by Flow & DapperLabs.  Now the additional benefits of blockchain start to shine & truly allow users to build trust with this marketplace.

Because of their backend blockchain, you can see all transaction both on and other sites that are pulling data directly from the blockchain.

NBA Top Shot Tools

  1. TopShot Explorer – more for programmers –
  2. Evaluate.Market – top tool in the game –
  3. Intangible.Market – good info –
  4. Crypto.Slam – Live & colourful / not as many options as others –
  5. Rookshot.Market – very pretty charts w/ replay –

There are a few other small ones that do similar functions so I will avoid confusing you.  You should be able to find something that meets your needs or definitely a few combined make you a more powerful collector of NBA Top Shot moments & players.

I highly recommend if you want to be really connected in this industry – sign-up and join the Discord channel of NBA Top Shot as well as Evaluate.Market’s Discord as well.  Both have the latest news & info about NBA Top Shot pack drops,etc.

DM me if you find anything else out there, or have any ideas for new ones.