NBA Top Shot: I finally did it – completed the (How to verify your ID?) process @NBA_TopShot


After completing your first few purchases on, you will be asked to complete the ID verification process. Thanks to Jumio the process is simple and quick!

All you have to have is an ID driver license or passport, of which you take a photo of the front and back along with a selfie. Once you’ve completed all of these requests the system takes a few minutes to analyze and confirm you are who you say you are. You will also provide your address and contact information.

Now this process is known as KYC in the banking industry, and any company running a Marketplace that involves the buying and selling is required when both accepting your funds and then sending you wire transfer from the proceeds of your sales.

In order to avoid the banking & wire fraud issues that can happen on any marketplaces, companies are required by law to do so. Another sign of time & effort being focused on building a trusted community built on transparency.

Code of Coduct is very clear

I thought I did include the latest code of conduct document from NBA Top Shot which will show you their focus on building a trusted community and marketplace.

  • Always transaction on the marketplace – it is the only trusted environment, if you trade outside of the marketplace you will get zero help.

“First and foremost, we strongly urge collectors to transact inside of the Marketplace for safety and simplicity. The Dapper Labs team can’t help you if you transact outside of the Marketplace.”

  •  Any bots of any kind are BANNED!

“Bot usage on NBA Top Shot is strictly prohibited.”

  • As of Feb. 2, 2021 players with multiple accounts have 30days to get to one account or be disciplined.

“We are granting a one-month moratorium for collectors to merge accounts. Any secondary accounts after the moratorium expires (March 1, 2021) will be subject to discipline.”

  • Don’t sell Dapper Credits (not clear on this but don’t do it)

“The selling of Dapper Credits is strictly prohibited. If you buy or sell Dapper Credits from other collectors, you will NOT have the support of the Dapper Labs team in instances where deals go awry. Simply put: it’s illegal.”

  • Don’t sell an account in general is prohibited.

“Selling an account that won a random draw for a pack is against our Terms of Use. Please refrain from doing so.”

I would clearly follow this code of conduct so you don’t lose your account or are disciplined in some way.

Always beware of doing anything outside the platform – at this point there is VERY little value to the HUGE risk you take doing so.

Keep collecting your favorite #NFT – drop your latest acquisitions in the comments below.

Patrick Wagner

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