How to Secure your NBA Top Shot account from being hacked?

As the overall value of NBA Top Shots continues to soar – now we need to make sure your Moments are safe.

Today I’m going to cover the basics on how to avoid your NBA Top Shot for being comprised.

There are only a few places (vectors) a hack can use against you.

  1.  Your Smartphone

  2. Your Computer

  3. Your Email

First recommendation if you have an account of any value you don’t want to lose.

Buy and use a seperate Smartphone, don’t load any additional apps and don’t use it for anything but your  NBA Top Shots

Hacker’s #1 target in crypto & soon NFT (in a big way) is simple taking over your telephone # & pointing it to a new phone to caputre your 2FA texts.

That’s why I recommend a secondary smartphone dedicated to security & trading of your NBA Moments, etc. (also no surfing porn, dating, gambling sites, etc.) Lot’s of injectable spyware around today.

What can you do?

  1. Call you cell provider find out what safe guards they have in place?

  2. Ask them to password your account to not allow any changes with this password.

  3. If your provider can not take steps to assist in securing your smartphone – I would quickly move to one that will.

  4. Always update your phone os righ away.

  5. Avoid Public Wifi – if you need to get a VPN app.

  6. Ensure you have a screen lock on your phone.

  7. keep you number private (thats where a seperate device helps).

  8. Don’t over share on social media.

  9. Avoid Spam & phishing scams

  10. Strength security check for blogs & install anti-virus app.


2FA – is simply a secondary confirmation code for an account

There are two main types:

  • Text/SMS method – which can be hacked and most hacks happen this way.

  • App – apps like Google Authenticator and Authly are the safest options for 2FA.

** I would recommend staying away from SMS 2FA unless you have additional security arranged with your cellular provider.


Working off a computer? Well that’s too bad 🙁

Computers really suck for securty since we do too many insecure things using our computers.

#1 – setup a dedicated computer just for this trading – follow the same instructions as above – also find additional blogs on securing your computer depending on your OS.

#2 – I only use Computer Restore Software on any of computers to prevent any inject spyware, virus and data in my browser cache.

Deep Freeze Standard


Last is your Email Address.

There is an important option here for securing your email, I highly recommend Google’s Advanced Protection program using Titan Security keys (physical 2FA keys).

This program was designed for individual with higher risk accounts – I setup an email address and pay a monthly with Google Business to host my email.  I then add the Titan 2FA keys to that account now it becomes secure unless you have my physical 2FA Titan key.


This is what let’s me sleep at night knowing you can’t use my Google Account with these keys I’ve setup.  It does make the process hard for you at the beginning as you will be asked for your key when you login using your Google account (including at NBA Top Shot).  That’s the most important part – so no one unless they have your physical key can login using your Google account to access your NBA Top Shot account.

Visit to learn more

Buy your Titan key here


Now I highly recommend going thru these steps to increase your account security.  I would continue to increase your security measures according to your NBA Top Shot account’s value.  There are many users with five & six figure accounts – these will be targeted by hackers. Keep that in mind.


Now DapperLabs & Flow blockchain are solid but adding these additioanl security measures along with:

  • Don’t share your password with anyone else

  • If you have a physical 2FA key and password – put those spares in a bank safety deposit box

  • Or box a fire & water proof safe to keep the spare 2FA key and physical password copy safe.

  • Don’t do any off-site transactions unless gifting to others at no value.