How to Secure your Computer from hacking your Digital Assets like #NFTart & #NBATopShot moments?


If you use a computer to buy, sell or trade any digital assets, NFT art or NBA Top Shot – you are most likely putting your digital assets at risk.

Most people do not keep the computer up-to-date and protected against all the attacks possible via the internet, browsing, email, and downloads.

Top 10 Tips to secure your OS and Computer

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For my trading computer I use Deep Freeze to ensure it always restore to a fresh install allowing me to limit and spyware, virus and injected browser attacks.  Check out their website for more info at

Beward of browser extension wallets like MetaMask

Many crypto wallets use Chrome extension like Metamask, which can leave you vulnerable browser attacks.  This is when a hacker is able to gain control of your browser cache to pull data that can be used to steal your crypto wallet and everything inside of it.


Great article on a recent $8million hack of MetaMask – click here.

Keep a wallet for your assets and another wallet for transactions.  This is another way to limit the chances of your wallet being taken from you.