How long should my videos be online? Is there a difference on each social platform?

Recently I’ve been testing different lengths for video content most of the top platforms.

The results confirmed what I was thinking but went against my better judgement. Everyone wants smaller more bite size pieces of content.  What used to be the boring 60min speech by a relative or boss was your limit – now it seems closer to 15-60 secs.

One part of the revelation is that it forces content creators to be more focused on a single point rather then some of my rambling videos (anything past a 1min or 2min “just to make you feel better”).


Example of this is yesterday post where I tried to jam at minimum 3 topics into one video & post.  I reviewed it after a few hours and that was my overwhelming sense.

So today I’ll be starting to use a shorter format to my video content in an attempt to increase my content velocity with a focus on answer a single question. That’s going to be the hardest part, distilling down to a single short video and post. Let’s do it!