Ensure your understand 2FA SMS/Text, App & Physical 2FA options for your enhanced digital security.


2FA – is simply a third party confirmation code to secure your account


Most Hacked Method

SMS/Text 2Fa

This is sent directly to your smartphone via the cellular network – this is one of the biggest issue since smartphone can be transfer to new phones which hijacks the control & receipt of all your SMS/text messages. (this was cover in more details on the video blog about Smartphone security – click here

2FA Applications

This has now become more common for any application you need to be secure on – you need to be at least  using Google Authenticator or Authy to keep your digital life safe today.

2FA Physical keys

Original many had RSA issued keys in the financial industry, now a more common one is the Titan Security keys used by Google’s Advanced Protection program.  I highly recommend setting up these keys for your most important accounts starting with your emails and then all financial related accounts.

Now the benefit of a Physical 2FA key is that now the hacker needs your username, password and needs to acquire the physical key from your person in order to even attempt to enter your account.

This is a must for anyone with over $100 of digital assets, NFT art or NBA Top Shot Moments.