About Patrick Wagner

ive dedicated my life online now I’m taking a chance on doing what I love. sharing my experiences & lesson with you.

Patrick Wagner

Content Creator

I started online in 1994 back when there was no color online yet – that was the year Mozilla(Netscape) introduce the ability to download images and add HTML color to your web pages.  This was the beginning of the mass adoption cycle of the internet – I was very fortunate to be involved at such an early stage of the growth cycyle.

I’ve continued my career online specializing SEO (writing a book on the topic) and Digital Marketing (book#2) to build your online business.

I landed an early gig working for a start-up bank ING DIRECT – which lead me into the financial sector early in my career.  There was lots of opportunity and eager execs looking for big wins – SEO & digital marketing were the best choices back then.

As my career in finance worked well with my digital knowledge as well as my own trading/investing learning curve. I continued to help big banks build their brands, when I took a chance on an new banking start-up Zenbanx (a  multi-currency app).

These startup lessons in spending $millions to acquire customers via digital ads, to building short consumable pieces of content with TD Bank for TV ads & digital.

I’ve really enjoyed content creation especially in the video and written forms.

A brand can die very quickly if not defended properly or its inability to respond to the challenges of the social market place. These fast moves require depth of knowledge to allow those in charge to be on a sure footing.

I know focus my energy on content creation related to Marketing, Crypto-DeFi, Investing and Digital Security.  Thru this content I want to simply share my findings, advancements and latest tools I use to gain an edge on the competition.