Online security and privacy is fast becoming the Top Issue for 2012. Many of us think we will find some magic pill that will allow us to stop paying attention to our personal and corporate online security. ¬†Guess what that’s not going to happen.

The security and privacy niche is just a cat and mouse game played by the Good guys vs. Bad guys. The Good guys provide the software & hardware to help solve this rampant problem. The Bad guys have it much easier since they are all over the world operating in small & large teams, any expectation that this under control is very dangerous.

Most of disregard or roll our eyes when we get tips and info regarding online privacy, this is the exact attitude that the Bad guys pray upon. Don’t let your guard down, pay attention & make changes to ensure your not left crying in the corner of the room.

Click here for the full infographic from The Frugal Dad.


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